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Cantab publishers appreciates your unwavering support during the last five years. We are committed to the excellence of Pakistani youth; we believe we are not second to any nation in the world. Fulfilling this dream, we request you to spare few minutes, share your sincere views with the help of the following few questions.

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1. From whom have you heard for the first time about the National Curriculum? *
2. From whom you heard for the first time the slogan "One Curriculum, One Nation"? *
3. Who do you think is more serious about the implementation of the National Curriculum? *
4. Who has more expertise/experience to develop books on Curriculum? *
5. Who gave you the awareness of NOC of the textbook? *
6. In the past three years, whose textbooks were printed with NOC on the inner page? *
7. Do you know the difference between a Textbook and Curriculum? *
8. Do you know that SNC based textbooks with NOC from the concerned provincial authority is compulsory? *
9. Do you think curriculum (SNC) based textbooks will bring some positive change in our teaching methodologies? *
10. From whom you heard the phrase "SLOs based teaching and assessment in the country"? *
11. Do you wish your students get conceptual learning rather than rote learning? *
12. Do you have any strategy for teachers to teach and assess conceptually? *
13. Have you kept your school activities during the covid-19 pandemic? *
14. Have you used Cantab videos to engage your students? *
15. What source did you use to engage your students during the pandemic? *
What is your future strategy to implement SNC, "which demands conceptual learning"? Write few sentences. *
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