Cultist Concept Poll
In this poll, you can choose the concepts that are most attractive to you as a player, and what you would want to see in an army composed of the Cultists of the Dark Gods that lurk in the shadowed corners of the nations of T9A. This poll will be used as guidance to help the Designers find out what concepts interest the players the most.
Which concepts for summoning Daemons do you like? *
Don't like this at all
Don't like this
Don't care
Like this
Like this very much
Cultists summon Daemons through conditional Ambush (Ex - Turul, Mageblight Gremlins, Sand Scorpion)
Cultists summon Daemons through an unit (like a Sacrificial Altar)
Cultists Summon Daemons through Spells
Cultists summon Daemons from pre-determined sideboards
When Summoning Daemons, there should be an element of randomness in what you get
Daemons you can summon are written down in the armylist
Which concepts for the army do you like? Please choose a MAXIMUM of 5 options. *
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