In the wake of COVID-19, people are being asked to practice extreme social distancing. This not only means mass job/gig loss, but also limiting how often we're using public transit to minimize contact with other people.

For Black trans people that have important prescriptions that need to be filled, this virus has presented various challenges. Some people cannot access pharmacies anymore because of not being able to access public transit. Many folks can not afford to use costly rideshare services, especially in these times. Many cannot afford their co-pays, either. Some have insurance that does not cover prescription delivery programs.

FTG wants to help any Black trans person in NJ/NY that is experiencing any or all of the above. We've launched an emergency relief fund that will SPECIFICALLY provide funds to Black trans people to pay for a ride to/from wherever they fill their prescriptions + co-pays if they need assistance. We will provide $50 for travel + varying amounts for co-pays. PLEASE NOTE: this is only to assist with travel to/from a medical facility and for co-pays. We cannot pay entire medical bills.

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