2019-20 Kindergarten Transportation and Backpack Tag Generator
It is our sincerest desire that all kindergarten students get to school and return home safely. To help facilitate this we ask that you complete the following form to designate how your student will get to and from school.

If your student will be returning home on a school bus, you will be asked which bus symbol and bus stop they will be using. You can find bus stop information and assigned symbol in the online maps at bus.alpinedistrict.org.

This information will be used to generate a kindergarten backpack tag that will be emailed to you immediately upon completing this form. Once the backpack tag is placed on your student's backpack it may be used by school district personnel to place your student on the bus with the corresponding symbol.

To view an instructional video explaining how to create a backpack tag go to bus.alpinedistrict.org/TagVideo

If you have any questions/feedback regarding this online form or the kindergarten backpack tag procedure, please email dfarnes@alpinedistrict.org.
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Backpack Tags are Only for the Take Home Bus
Note: backpack tags are only created for the school bus taking your student home and not for the take-in bus.
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