Grievance Redressal form (General)
The purpose of online grievance redressal system is to facilitate institute address the complaints of its stakeholders. A structured mechanism for online registration as well as disposal of the grievances according to the Ministry of HRD is mandatory for all AICTE affiliated institutions to resolve grievances and to renew its approval every year. This web application is more user-friendly and effective to communicate with the institute authorities regarding the complaints faced by students. Online grievance administration system helps to resolve the grievances, providing prompt access and hassle-free recourse to the complainants.
Grievant Information
1. Student's Name *
2. Class *
3. Student's Contact Number *
4. Father's/Guardian's Name *
5. Residential Address/Permanent Address
6. Date, Time and Place of event leading to grievance *
7. Detailed account of occurrence(include names of persons involved ,if any) *
8. State guidelines/procedures you think are violated.
9. Proposed solution to your grievance
10. State previous efforts undertaken by you at college and management level.
11. State the outcome of above and why that is not acceptable to you?
12. State, why do you think that an informal solution is not possible.
Declaration: The information that I am submitting here is factual and without any exaggeration.
13. I declare that above information provided by me is true and if I found false, I will be punished.
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