Interim Reporting Form
Complete only if your organization has a currently funded 2020-21 project and is applying for 2021-22 funding. This does not apply if you received funding through the Vulnerable Seniors Response Fund or the Emergency Community Support Fund as projects funded through those programs have separate reporting requirements.
Email address *
1. Name of Project *
2. If your project is proceeding according to your original plan and the expected outcomes/benefits are being met, please indicate that you are on plan and proceed to question 5. *
3. If the delivery of your project has changed from the original plan in your Funding Application, please describe what challenges caused the change. If the intended outcomes have changed from your original Funding Application, please describe the new outcomes, and what caused the change.
4. If you answered question 3, and your project has changed, please indicate if there are any changes to your budget (revenue or expenses) that might impact the Funding Agreement.
5. Please provide a brief overview indicating the following, and how this matches your original expectations. A) The number of unique individuals the program/service helped. If an individual is served multiple times, only count them once. Do not include participant names. B) The number of separate interventions the program/service provided such as the total number of lunches, visits, lessons, or meetings.
Please note that your Final Report must include the data in question 5 for the duration of your project. (Do not include any participant names).
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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