Testimony Submission Form!
Thank you for your willingness to submit your testimony to our collective. Welcome to Saints in Progress! Here, you will find a compilation of testimonies and stories from Latter-day Saints about how they progress towards Jesus Christ. Here are the submission guidelines:

1. All testimonies must be in harmony with the teachings and practice of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

2. All testimonies submitted here will be published anonymously. Testimonies gathered elsewhere will be hyperlinked and sourced.

3. Testimonies that contain personal information will be edited to become more general.

4. We will publish as many testimonies as possible, but we reserve the right to not publish testimonies on the basis that they do not meet our guidelines

5. We follow the style guide and will only use social media guidelines that The Church has established.
Please submit your testimony here. *
By checking yes, we reserve the right to edit and publish your testimony. We will edit for grammar and remove personal identifications. Any testimony that does not meet the submissions guidelines that cannot be reasonably edited will not be published. *
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