2019 - Grade the Library!
How would you grade the Library? What do you like best about visiting? What could we do better? We want you to share your ideas with us. When you are done, come to the Library to claim your Raffle Ticket (if you are registered for Summer Reading) or gift certificate from Lee's Hoagie House!
I visit the Library... *
Overall, how would you grade the library? *
True or False? *
People help me when I need it
I can find the books I want
I go to programs, like book club
I join the Summer Reading Program
I find the series I want to read
I visit the Library Web site
I use the Library computers
How do you feel about these Library services? *
Very Important
Don't really care
Not Important
Finding books and movies to check out
Computers to play on or help with homework
Summer Reading programs
Having toys, games, and trains to play with
Having a quiet place to read
Getting books sent here from other libraries
Book clubs and discussions
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