Frosty Festival Mini Tennis Registration Form
Please enter the details below. There is no cost to enter the event. Everyone should be at the facility by 6:15 PM or 1:15 PM to register with volunteers at the event. If you require any change to your registration information, please contact Thomas Hawkins via email at:
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By completing this form you commit to playing in the first ever Frosty Festival Mini Tennis tournament on the day you have selected. Should you need to change any of your registration details, please contact Thomas Hawkins via email at

All communication regarding the event will be made via email, and have the subject line Frosty Festival Tennis. Please watch your email for any event related announcements. The tournament draw and schedule will be posted at least 24 hours before the event.

Please be at the facility 15 minutes before the first match to register and warm up. There will be no warm-ups before each match in the tournament.

Photos may be taken during the event for the promotion of tennis or of the Frosty Festival. If you do not want to be identifiable in any photos, please inform the volunteer at the information desk upon registering.

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