Built for Zero Canada Monthly Reporting Form
Thank you for submitting your monthly Built for Zero Canada reporting data! Reporting your community’s real-time data provides a crucial and important foundation to tracking an end to chronic homelessness. Each data point you report contributes to a national knowledge base and movement comprised of 38 communities learning how to end chronic homelessness together.

We are currently asking you to report chronic-only By-Name List data. It’s okay to start small, especially if you’re a new BFZ-C community – report what chronic data you can for now, and don’t worry if you can’t report everything. If you don’t know an answer or the data is not available, please leave the question BLANK (i.e. don’t enter a zero!).

Please review the Built for Zero Canada Data Balance Workbook (“the buckets” tab - https://goo.gl/gXYE9i) for complete definitions and examples.

Note that BFZ-C has adopted the Canadian Definition of Homelessness (https://goo.gl/uqhpfF) and the Federal Government’s definition of chronic homelessness (https://goo.gl/QZ9JYX).

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Improvement Advisor (Kerri@caeh.ca, Ashley@caeh.ca, Jessica@caeh.ca)
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Can you report on CHRONIC-ONLY data for any of the 6 data points (Actively Homeless, Move-Ins, Moved to Inactive, Inflow, Return from Inactive, and/or Return from Housing)? *
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