State Validation Tag Orders
Validation tags are required in the state of Texas for market animals. This tag will be put in the animal's ear to validate that it was owned by the student by a deadline. The state validation system has 2 seasons: summer/fall and winter/spring. Validation for animals that will be shown at the State Fair of Texas must happen in June and tags are purchased in April. Validation for animals that will be shown at the Cooke Co. Jr Livestock Show or Winter majors (Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston) will need to be validated in October and tags are purchased by the deadline listed below for each species.

Please alert your Ag teacher(s) as to which state tag you are needing. You will need to purchase 1 tag per animal. This is a HARD DEADLINE. After the deadline, you cannot order more. It is suggested that you order a tag if you are even considering showing a market animal. No major stock shows (Fort Worth, San Antonio, San Angelo, Houston, Austin, State Fair of Texas, Heart of Texas Fair) will be allowed if a state tag is not purchased. (Multiple species would require multiple forms)

The cost of each tag is listed below. This payment must be made in cash to your Ag teacher(s) by 4:00PM on the deadline date. You will receive a receipt of payment for a tag at that time. Your money will then be delivered to the validation chairman for a tag order. Your animal must be present at the validation. Please check your chapter FFA calendar for a list of those dates.

Sheep/Goat $18 (Deadline: August 21)
Swine $15 (Deadline: September 25)
Heifer $15 (Deadline: June 25)
Market poultry $50 to purchase the birds (Deadline: Sept 18)
Market rabbits $200 to purchase the rabbits (Deadline: Sept 18)
Breeding rabbits or chicken *cost of animal (Deadline: Oct 15)
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