Author Signups - Secret Magicks PNR/UF Promo
An Author's Choice Double Builder & Book Fair
Grow your newsletter subscribers at the same time you build your social media followers with this 'author's choice' promo for PNR, UF, and Fantasy Romance authors.

Secret Magicks is a triple promo that runs October 11-31 on Promo includes two Rafflecopter tasks and a separate book fair linked to the main giveaway. Choose from eight different options:

• newsletter signups
• BookBub follows
• Instagram follows
• Amazon follows
• Twitter follows
• Goodreads follows
• Facebook visit
• Website visit/follow

Readers earn entries by subscribing, following, etc. via a button in the Rafflecopter that leads directly to the link you provide. For newsletter signups, this means you're in control of how readers signup.

In addition, you have the option of showcasing one of your titles in the book fair included with the event (must be 2.99 or less, FREE books welcome). The book fair has its own giveaway with a scavenger hunt to motivate readers to click on your book.

This is a multi-prize event with the number of prizes (Kindle, Amazon gift cards, ebook prize packs, special prizes) determined by the number of authors participating. Author fee to participate is $25, which covers your contribution toward the prizes, FB ads, and admin costs. You will be invoiced via your PayPal email address. Payment is due on receipt.

On October 7, you will receive a packet that includes pre-written posts, tweets, and graphics to share with your social media and newsletter subscribers.

Questions? Contact Aileen at

**No pornography. Books with excessive nudity or violence on the cover may be rejected. Books that portray abuse, rape, incest, or pedophilia in a positive light will be rejected. We reserve the right to reject a book for any reason.** 
Section 1. Your Info & Rafflecopter Tasks
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Book Fair (optional)
Showcasing one of your books or a box set in the fair is completely optional. The only rules are that it must be priced at 2.99 or less (FREE books, including Bookfunnel type downloads are welcome). It must also fit into the paranormal romance, urban fantasy, or fantasy romance genres.
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SECOND BOOK IN FAIR (Cost is $5): Same price rules apply; your book must be 2.99 or less.

FEATURE 'SHORTIE DOWNLOAD' IN THE FAIR (Cost is $10): Shorties are ultra-short stories (20 pages or less) that authors make free for download to anyone who visits the fair. They are placed in a prominent position at the top of the book fair. You can load yours up with as much back sales matter as you like (no additional stories/or books, please), but they must be exclusive to the giveaway during the entire length of the giveaway.

See an example from a past Bookwrapt book fair:
I would like a second book in the fair.
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I would like a Shortie Feature in the Book Fair
You can upload your shortie in MOBI, EPUB, PDF format or all three. Providing us with a cover is recommended for best results. Short story submissions are due by October 5. Instructions for uploading your files will be provided.
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