Cobaltmetrics: Toward Web-Scale Citation Tracking aggregates citation data from the web. We go beyond traditional citations between scholarly documents: we index all hyperlinks as first-class citations.

It is time to expand our corpus. We are talking about adding millions of websites and billions of pages. Before we unleash our bots onto the wild wild web, we will gradually include data from more and more websites.

We want to hear from you. Which websites would you like to see included as a priority in the next releases? We are referring here to citing websites, i.e. the ones that contain references to your content. Please let us know: archive sites, blogs, corporate sites, government sites, message boards, news websites, anything!

This form will be open until April 15th. We will then tally the results and share them on our blog. Feel free to share the link!

Websites of Interest *
List the websites that you would like us to include in the new corpus. Please use domain names and URLs rather than keywords or free-form text. You can enter as many domain names and URLs as you want.
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