Board games on Kickstarter
Thank you for taking the time to look at this survey.

With your help we will get a better understanding of what is important to you when looking at a board game on Kickstarter and can help creators improve their campaigns.

All the questions are optional and the results will be posted online on the 22nd February for everyone to see.

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How many projects have you backed
When looking at a board game on Kickstarter, which of these are important to you?
Make them go away
Not important
Doesn't matter
Very important
The project video
The artwork
A breakdown of what's in the box
Original game mechanics
A short overview of the game
A detailed explanation of the game
Stretch goals
Social goals
Third party reviews
Recognising the third party reviewers
Access to the rulebook
The creator has run previous kickstarters
The creator has a social following
The game is on Board Game Geek
There is an early bird option
The KS price is less than the MSRP
Kickstarter Exclusives
Photos of playtests
Information about the team creating the game
Access to a digital prototype
What is the number one thing that gets you interested in backing a project?
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What is the number one thing that stops you backing a project?
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Do you have any other comments about your experience with Kickstarter projects and things that you do or do not like?
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What country do you live in?
We only ask this so we can see whether the importance of each thing varies from country to country.
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