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Event Name: Third Workshop on Post-Editing Technical Translations in Indian Languages - PETIL 3
Event Date: February 22 – February 25 2021
Event Address: Hosted online by IIIT-H
Event Website:

Please go through the workshop website before registering.
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4. This workshop is limited to participants with experience in working with the following languages (Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Odia). Choose your language from amongst these: *
5. How many years of experience do you have as a professional translator? *
A professional translator is someone who works regularly as a translator/post-editor for an organisation, or freelances.
6. Do you have previous experience translating technical content into Indian Languages? *
Technical content here is understood to be non-literary and non-news content.
7. Do you have any experience working with Machine Translation output when translating/post-editing? *
8. Which of the following activities are you experienced with? *
The terms Translator and Post-editor are used interchangeably. Post-editors are understood to be those translators who in addition to translating from scratch are also adept at using Machine Translation output for their tasks.
9. Which technical domains have you worked with previously when translating or post-editing? *
10. Which of the following translation tools and technologies have you used previously or are familiar with? *
Choose all that apply
11. If we are unable to offer you a seat at this workshop, would you like to be considered for a subsequent workshop? *
12. What are you looking forward to learn through this workshop? *
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