Proposal for a Vendor-Sponsored Session
Please note that there will be a fee of $2500 for each vendor-sponsored session on Thursday and Friday. We have allocated sixteen 50-minute sessions and proposals will be evaluated in the same manner as educator sessions. Presenters of selected sessions will be notified by email by the end of May. For more information about being an exhibitor at BIT17, please see our sponsor package elsewhere on this website ( Discounts are available for multiple sponsorships.

Here are the criteria by which vendor-sponsored proposals will be evaluated:
- how interesting and engaging the content will be for educators at BIT17
- how interesting and engaging the content will be for ICT folks at BIT 17
- the clarity and value of the learning goals of the session
- the originality, freshness and significance of the topic
- the value of the "take-away" for attendees (the knowledge or learning they get from the session)
- confidence in the presenter based on the proposal

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