Pre Training survey, Which Resources do I need?
This form is to help you determine the appropriate starting point for training with Modern Therapist Training Collective.
Professional Licensing/Credentials *
Degree Level *
Years of experience in the practice of psychotherapy *
I have treated a client with OCD? *
I have used the following modalities helpful in treatment of OCD:
Column 1
Prolonged Exposure
Reality Therapy
Habit Reversal Training
I know how to differentiate diagnosis between OCD and other mental health conditions? *
I know how to build an ERP treatment plan *
I have an understanding of the subtypes of OCD *
I know the difference between rumination and obsession? *
I have a supervisor that is familiar with OCD treatment *
On a scale of  1-4, I would rate my comfortability in treating OCD as follows: *
Not at all comfortable
Very Comfortable
I have a community of colleagueship support for treatment of OCD for my clients *
I received supervision surrounding OCD *
I know what Exposure and Response Prevention is *
My training intentions for OCD *
What development resources are most valuable to you in relation to the treatment of OCD? *
Are you currently receiving clinical supervision for ERP? *
I believe that medication does not help OCD? *
I feel comfortable identifying OCD during the pandemic? *
I have treated __________ amount of clients with OCD *
I believe that OCD is rooted in trauma or life experiences? *
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