SL Home and Garden Expo 2019 - Blogger application
We are building a team of home and garden bloggers to cover the largest and longest running Home and Garden event in SL: The Secondlife Home and Garden Expo 2019, which runs from 15th March to 7th April, with blogger access the 14th.

The event spans 10 full sims, and showcases many genres and styles, from decor items via furniture and landscapes to houses. The Expo is a charity event, supporting Relay for Life of Secondlife. RFL does not accept adult items in the event, and blog posts and pictures must also be PG/Moderate.

For more information, see our blogger information page

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Do you want to join Saffia Widdershin's talks in the Expo theatre?
Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect and Designing Worlds will once again host live talks with designers and bloggers on stage in the Expo theatre. Talks will normally start at 2 or 5 PM SLT and last for approximately 1 hour. Do you want to participate on stage? If so, do you already now know what you want to talk about?
Do you want to hold a class at the Expo?
Classes have been an important part of the Expo for many years, also in 2019. Do you have skills or knowledge you'd like to teach others? This can be building, scripting, photography, machinima, lag reduction etc. Anything goes as long as it is home and garden related and adheres to our rules and guidelines. If you want to teach at the expo, please give us your name and the theme of your proposed class below, and we'll do our best to fit it into the class scedule.
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