Insight Esports: Parental/Guardian Consent Form
This form allows us to provide tournament access to children thirteen to seventeen years of age. Please read all of the information closely and provide accurate information.

----Insight Esports Event Details----

Insight Esports events pay out cash prizes via PayPal. A parent/guardian will be required to receive this form of payment on behalf of the minor that wins any prizes in our events. Please make sure the PayPal account is in the name of the parent/guardian of whom is signing this form.

Insight Esports posts decklists and the names of the persons using them on social media/websites. By signing this form, you are consenting the use of the name/decklist of the minor whom this form is for in said advertisement/online posting.

Insight Esports does not allow discrimination/bullying based on any factor. Please make sure your minor is aware of their responsibility to report any hateful, inappropriate, or discriminative behavior while playing in our events.

Insight Esports utilizes a strict Code of Conduct/Ruleset based on Wizards of the Coast, MTG Melee and Insight Esports guidelines. All players are required to adhere to these policies regarding tournaments, gameplay, and prizing. Please refer to our events on for our Rules/COC.

All players participating must adhere to all state/local/county/government laws regarding their participation in our events.

Lastly, our players are encouraged to have fun. Have fun and let us know if you have any questions/concerns.

David Davila
Insight Esports
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