Gastropod Listener Survey | Winter 2018
Your answers to these questions help us grow and improve the show, but also keep it going through advertising and listener donations. Thank you! Enter your email at the end for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. And, as always, you can email us at if you have an extra thoughts or questions—we love to hear from you!
Listening to Gastropod
This information helps us understand how our listeners discover the show and what kinds of other things you all like to listen to. That helps us figure out better ways to reach new listeners so we can grow the show, which we need to do to survive!
How did you discover Gastropod?
What other podcasts do you listen to?
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How long have you been listening to Gastropod?
How do you listen to podcasts? Check all that apply.
Do you typically listen to every episode, or pick and choose?
How quickly do you usually listen to episodes?
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