GNMLS Bug, Error & Violation Report
Use this form to report any system issues, MLS entry errors or policy violations. The MLS Office will review it and notify any parties necessary to correct the problem. If you'd like to leave your email address so we can contact you with any questions, please enter it below. If you want to report this anonymously, just leave the email field blank.

ZipForms: Please note that if your problem is with ZipForms, you should call their helpdesk at 800-279-1972.

Desktop PC Software/Hardware: NWAR users may call Tech HelpLine at 888-804-8225.

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Please indicate which system(s) you were using when the error was found, as the error/bug may be limited to that program.
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List any MLS numbers for which you are noticing the issue you are reporting or leave blank if this error is not related to MLS listings.
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