Zaius GDPR Data Subject Access Request
Zaius has a process for honoring access requests from data subject located in the EU. The process is outlined here [link to the process]. Zaius will respond to requests from data subjects located in the EU within 30 days of receipt. Zaius will respond to requests from Zaius clients within 7 days of receipt. Please provide exactly the information requested, and be mindful not to pass sensitive personal data via this form.

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Deletion: Zaius will delete the provided identifier(s) and all data associated with the provided identifier(s)

Access: Zaius will provide a copy of provided identifier(s) and data associated with the provided identifier(s) in CSV format.

Opt-Out / Revoke Consent / Object to processing: Zaius will cease processing the provided identifier(s) and data associated with the provided identifier(s) and prevent updates to data subject's profile (if applicable) associated with those identifier(s).
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Identifiers to Process (REQUIRED)
Please provide at least one of the following identifiers. If you solely provide pseudonymous identifiers (e.g., Cookie ID, mobile ad ID) and do not provide email or phone number, Zaius may ask you to sign an affidavit to help us authenticate your identity. Providing an email address below may also help expedite our response to your request. We will only use your information to process your request.
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Cookie ID
You may utilize to stop sending data to Zaius within this browser. To redact a cookie by ID refer to the instructions here: Once you find the site you wish to opt-out, search for "vuid" and provide that value here (e.g. 0a22229-3406-454c-8c7e-2d78c278def8%7C1522271317330)
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