Midsummer Tango Fusion 2020 Marathon Registration Form
ФОРМА РЕГИСТРАЦИИ НА РУССКОМ ЗДЕСЬ: https://forms.gle/zrc8A34F4roViEHh8
*When registering as a couple EACH partner must fill in the form separately.
*All registration rules can be found here https://www.midsummertango.com/en/registration
1. First name *
2. Last name *
3. Country *
4. City *
5. Email *
6. Email confirmation *
7. Facebook profile link *
Please COPY THE LINK to your profile from the address bar (sample: https://www.facebook.com/geravkerlarisa)
8. Dancing role: *
Number of places for single registration is limited. Registering with a partner increases your chances of being accepted, but only under the conditions that both partners have the needed experience to attend a tango marathon. When you register as a couple, EACH partner must fill in the form and state the name and last name of his/her partner. Due the reason of providing gender balance, number of places for both role dances is limited. If you mostly following/leading, we recommend to register as a follower/leader.
9. Partner's Name and Surname *
If registering without a partner please write "no"
10. Partner's email *
If registering without a partner please write "no"
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