Irish Chamber Women in Leadership Event Survey, 4/11/19
Thank you for your support of the Irish American Business Chamber & Network and for attending the launch of our Women in Leadership Luncheon featuring Eileen McDonnell on April 11, 2019 at The Pyramid Club of Philadelphia.

We are keen to hear your feedback as we plan future events in this series. Please share your thoughts and help us improve your Irish Chamber experience!

1. Are you a member of the Irish American Business Chamber & Network?
2. How would you rate your event experience (April 11th, Women in Leadership)?
3. Based on your experience at this event, would you attend another Irish Chamber Women in Leadership Speaker Series event?
4. What is one aspect of the event that you would change?
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5. Would you encourage a friend, family member, or colleague to attend an Irish Chamber event?
6. What is your gender?
Please share topics/event ideas that interest you.
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Additional comments are welcome!
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