Superhero Me Festival – Volunteer Signup Sheet

Thank you for your interest in helping us!

SUPERHERO ME is a values-based movement empowering children to develop resilience and a strong sense of self through costume crafting and to raise awareness for early childhood education in Singapore. These values include patience, respect, resilience, kindness and gratitude.

The festival is Singapore's first costume crafting festival and a key event in Singapore Memory Project's month on childhood, themed "The Young, The Brave". It will involve 3 key experiences:
(1) Crafting stations with a craft tower
(2) A green-screen stage set up where kids in costume can star in their own Superhero Me adventure film
(3) A shoes-off grass activities playpen where they get to complete missions by playing games like hopscotch and zero point.


15 June - 30 June 2015 | 10am - 7pm
National Library Building Plaza (Level 1, outside Hanis) 100 Victoria Street 188064

Volunteer timeslots:
(A) Halfday: AM Slot 9am - 130pm or PM Slot 130pm - 7pm
(B) Fullday: 930am - 7pm (Lunchbreak from 1245pm - 130pm)

- Packed lunch will only be provided to volunteers who do full day sessions
- Snacks and bottled drinks will also be provided throughout the day to all volunteers


Weekdays: Schools, VWOs and charities who work with kids will be bringing them to the festival in pre-arranged excursion slots (AM or PM) Public is welcome too.

Confirmed Groups:
1) 15 June (Mon): Jamiyah Children's Home (10am - 12pm)
2) 16 June (Tues): Odyssey (The Global Preschool) (10am - 12pm)
3) 18 June (Thurs): Genesis School for Special Education (10am - 12pm)
4) 19 June (Fri): St James' Church Kindergarten (10am - 12pm)
5) 20 June (Sat): Very Special Arts (Singapore) (230pm-530pm)
6) 23 June (Tues): NTUC My First Skool (10am - 12pm)
6) 25 June (Thu): NTUC My First Skool (10am - 12pm)
7) 26 June (Thu): NTUC My First Skool (10am - 12pm)
8) 27 June (Sat): Preschool for Multiple Intelligencies
9) 29 June (Mon) & 30 June (Tues): Pathlight School & Asian Women Welfare Association Early Intervention Centre (Full Day)

The finale of the festival will take place on 27 June at a festival closing Photo Party from 1pm - 5pm, where participants in costume can come with their friends and family for free portraits.

*Guiding children to craft with recyclable materials
*Facilitating a film greenscreen setup and photo wall where you will guide participants to star in their very own Superhero Me film
*Facilitating game stations in a mini adventure course where kids discover the games their parents used to play
*Event logistics setup


* A chance to inspire resilience and imagination in children aged 5-8 from various preschools, VWOs and charities.
*Work with young creatives Logue & In Merry Motion, whose passion is to build a stronger culture of empathy and creative confidence through social advocacy and art and learn how social advocacy projects are conceptualized and executed.
*A Superhero Me T-shirt

Jean +65 9363 9799 or Charis +65 9789 7030

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