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The Profile gives you an opportunity to measure five critical business areas -- Business Strategy, Marketing Growth, Personal Leadership, Organizational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction -- to understand specific factors that are contributing to or hindering you in achieving the business success and profit growth you desire.

Once you have completed the Profile, a seasoned executive coach from Your Extended Success will personally analyze your responses, develop a report and review the results with you. Through this discussion of your strengths and improvement opportunities, you can develop a customized strategy.

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Please read each statement below and consider the extent to which you agree or disagree with it. Then choose one of the following responses:

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Important notes:

Some of the questions are written with “us/we” for those companies with employees or partners. If you are a sole proprietor, please answer the questions as it pertains to you as an individual overseeing your business.

Please don’t answer any question that doesn't pertain to you or your business.

Please answer questions on how your currently see your business, NOT as how you would like it to be.

Your responses are maintained with the utmost confidentiality and considered proprietary information to you and your organization.

1. I have clear mission and vision statements that are integrated within my operation’s culture.
2. The financial data generated within my company is used strategically to assist me (us) in making decisions in how well my business is performing both internally and externally.
3. My organization has developed a business strategy and value statement with meaningful goals and objectives that align with the business mission and help me drive the direction of the company.
4. I have an exit strategy for my business even though it may be years off.
5. I have an operational business plan that gives me and my staff (if applicable) a strategic and tactical map toward growing my business.
6. I utilize respected, knowledgeable advisors, mentors, or board members that I can rely upon for advice on optimally running my business.
7. In working with our customers/clients, my organization has developed multiple and diverse relationships with individuals who may not directly influence doing business with my company.
8. I have developed a process that provides my company on how our customers/clients evaluate the services/products we provide them.
9. I utilize multiple marketing venues to expand my services/products outside of my company’s website and social media.
10. My website and social media strategies are providing me the type of customer/clients I need to grow my business.
11. My organization understands the difference between tactics and strategy and utilizes them effectively to compete within my market(s).
12. We understand how each of our customers/clients evaluates and uses our organization’s services/products versus our competition, and we use this knowledge to differentiate ourselves.
13. Making the transition from entrepreneur to leader is not difficult for me.
14. When I make decisions regarding changes within my company, I ensure that my staff and customers/clients understand the changes and the rationale for them.
15. I am comfortable implementing change(s) within my company when necessary.
16. The vision and mission statements within my company are having a positive impact on the success of the business.
17. My organization is proactive in dealing with internal obstacles that may interfere with us doing business effectively.
18. I work effectively with my staff and business partners to ensure they understand and balance the short and long term goals of the business.
19. My company is consistently focused on understanding how our products/services add value to our clients/customers.
20. The trust established within our organizational framework is a cornerstone for building success within the market(s) we service.
21. I have developed improvement measurements within my company that I use to make current and future decisions.
22. The work environment within my company is values-based that leads to achieving growth and client/customer renewal.
23. My company’s organizational structure inspires new behaviors/thinking that stimulates sustainable change.
24. My team (if applicable) and I understand how factors such as the company's reputation, brand image, responsiveness, quality, etc., have in achieving success within our market(s).
25. We use strategic listening/questioning techniques to understand potential and established customers'/clients' needs, challenges and problems.
26. When dealing with customers/clients, we anticipate problems and issues and then propose solutions.
27. My organization fully understands who our current/future competition are and their strategies, and we proactively position our company accordingly.
28. My organization has developed a strategic plan to add value to our customers beyond what is gained solely from the products/services we provide them.
29. If asked, our customers/clients would say that we understand their business and how they make money.
30. Our customers/clients generally allow us the time needed to accomplish the objectives of a sales call.
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