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DH Awards 2016
This is the voting form for DH Awards 2016.

Please go look at the nominated resources at before voting.

Voting will remain open until the end of Saturday 25 February 2017. Please only vote once.

Note: You do *not* have to vote for all categories, all questions except for those to discourage voter fraud are optional. (We collect some optional demographic information at the bottom of the form.) We'd appreciate it if you investigate some projects in more than one category, you might find something interesting! Entries in each category are shuffled for each user.For more information please see the frequently asked questions at:

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Best Use of DH for Fun
Best DH Tool or Suite of Tools
Best DH Blog Post or Series of Blog Posts
Best DH Data Visualization
Best Use of DH for Public Engagement
What is your current country of residence? (optional demographic information)
If you know, please use the lowercase ISO country code (e.g. uk, us, de, fr, br, jp, mx, etc...)
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What is your gender? (optional demographic information)
We regularize here to Male, Female, and Other since we know not all people fit in those binary categories. As with all these demographic questions, if you do not wish to answer it is entirely optional.
What kind of job do you have? (optional demographic information)
For demographic purposes we'd like to know what kind of job you have (e.g. academic, researcher, administration, plumber, doctor, astronaut, retired, unemployed, etc.)
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