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Effective Altruism at UMD is part of a philosophy and social movement that focuses on using evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others and improve the world. We hope to inspire people to take into account which choice would have the most positive impact when making decisions about their careers, volunteering, and donations. We will discuss ways to determine which causes to prioritize, philosophical questions about what it means to do the most good, and learn more about causes as diverse as global health, AI safety and alignment, poverty, animal welfare, nuclear war, climate change, and future pandemics.

Our fellowship will cover 8 weeks of topics, with readings that take ~1.5 hours before each session. There are 2 different curriculums we are running this semester, which take different approaches to the same content.
The traditional curriculum can be found at https://ter.ps/EAtopics2022
Our new curriculum targeted at systems thinkers can be found at https://ter.ps/EAsystems2

Please apply by Feb 15, 2023.

For updates about the club, join our Discord at https://ter.ps/EAdiscord and add our Google calendar: https://ter.ps/EAcal

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We are working with an organization called Solar4Africa this semester that distributes solar products such as lights and cooking systems in Malawi. This organization has spaces for a few students on three different projects. Would you be interested in Projects 1, 4, or 6 found at https://www.solar4africa.org/technical-details/2023-student-projects? (expressing interest is not a commitment)
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