Ängsbacka Volunteer Application Form
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Application process
Your application is very important to us. This is where you choose your working group, tell us about who you are, what you like – and many other things.
Please do your best to provide the requested information as it pertains to you. We are seeking clear and concise information to be able to welcome you into our shared experience in the best possible way.

Volunteer fee
The volunteer fee is based on a full-price festival ticket. As a festival volunteer, you will contribute financially – you pay 50% of the festival ticket – and with your time and energy in the form of Working Meditation. The fee includes lodging (except if stated otherwise) and three beautifully prepared vegetarian meals each day.

Working group & Payment
With your application you will be preliminary placed in a working group. We do our best to assign you to your preferred working group. Preference is given to people with previous experience. Since some groups are more popular than others, please make sure you select one or more second choice(s) as well. Your working group placement will be sent to you in an email along with information on how to buy your volunteer ticket. Your payment will confirm your working group placement.

Make sure to read about the payment and cancellation policy information on our website!

Note that it might take up to two weeks for us to reply to your application!

FACEBOOK: Please join volunteer @ angsbacka on Facebook for the latest updates and announcements!

Thank you, and warmly welcome!
We strongly encourage all applicants (new and old) to visit the volunteer pages on our website to read more about volunteering at Ängsbacka. What is communicated there concerns everyone!

General info about the Volunteer Program:
Specifics for summer festival volunteering:
First name *
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Last name *
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Date of birth *
Gender *
Nationality *
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E-mail *
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Mobile phone number (including country code) *
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In case of emergency contact *
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Have you volunteered at Ängsbacka before? *
If Yes, please give details about which workgroup you have worked in and the year you were here
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Do you want to come as a coordinator? *
Important: If you want to come as a coordinator you must have previous volunteer-experience at Ängsbacka, and preferably previous coordinator experience. Please note that this is a position of responsibility that requires more of you than if you would come as a volunteer. Your main tasks will be to organize the working schedule and to hold space for everyone in the team. To be a coordinator is a wonderful opportunity to become more involved in the running of the festival(s), and to grow personally.
If yes, please motivate why you want to come as a coordinator.
Your answer
Are you interested in joining ÄLI? (the Ängsbacka Leadership Intensive) March 23-25, April 27-29 , June 8-10. *
Coordinators will be able to join this training either for free or to a discounted price, depending on their commitment. Read more at https://www.angsbacka.se/event/leadership-intensive/
Please read the following information carefully before selecting one or more of the options below. Thank you!

You can choose to apply for joining one or several volunteer camps during the summer period. Below you will find two lists; Single Camps and Combo Camps. If you combine two or more camps you will receive a discount on the volunteer fee.

You can also apply to be an ALL SUMMER volunteer, with a big discount; paying only 5900 SEK.

The camp periods, including arrival and departure dates, make up an essential supporting structure for the successful running of the festivals. We ask you to respect this by planning your travels according to the camp dates.

Please be precise in your camp selection. Only select the camp(s) that you will attend.
Single Camps
Combo Camps
Here you can specify and motivate the choice of your prefered Working Group as well as indicate your professional skills. We will take all of this into consideration as we process your application.
Which working group would you like to join? *
Special and administrative roles
If none of the teams listed above fits your role, you may find it here. If you want to volunteer in one of these roles, we prefer you to stay at Ängsbacka all summer.
Please motivate your first choice! *
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What would be your second choice? *
(choose max. 3 options)
Do you have professional experience in any of the following?
Please only select any of the options below if you are interested to contribute in this way!
Please specify your professional experience
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As a volunteer you are responsible for your own health and wellbeing at all times, still we wish to do our best to support you during your stay with us.
Do you have any physical conditions that are important for us to know about? *
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Have you received treatment for any mental/psychological conditions? *
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Choose any specific skills or certifications that you are willing to use in an emergency situation.
What are your dietary needs? *
Ängsbacka serves vegetarian food for all events, we also have the capacity to accommodate the diets listed below! For allergies, see next question!
Do you have any serious allergies? If yes, please list below!
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As a volunteer, you will sleep in your own tent (standard for single camp), or in a large dormitory tent (standard for combo camp), or in a dormitory room (for long term volunteers only). Both dormitories are equipped with bunk beds and shared with 4-26 persons of all genders. We encourage you to bring your own tent! This gives you a sacred space with privacy and also supports us with accommodating more volunteers on site.
For you who stays for ONE camp *
Which accommodation would be your preferred choice during your stay?
For you who stays for TWO OR MORE camps *
Which accommodation would be your preferred choice during your stay?
Personal comments
Is there anything else that you would like us to know?
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Volunteer Contract
This application form is regarded as a contract between You and the Volunteer Organisation.

By signing this form you agree that you have read and understood the Guidelines for Living and Working at Ängsbacka and what it means to be a volunteer at Ängsbacka:

Guidelines for Living and Working at Ängsbacka

What is volunteering?

You also agree to the responsibilities of working 5hrs/day, 6 days/week and to respect any agreements made regarding times and work tasks.

If the Volunteer Office receives feedback that you are not able to uphold these responsibilities we reserve the right to terminate your volunteer position.
I understand that Ängsbacka has a policy of zero tolerance for illicit drug and alcohol use. I agree to stay sober. *
If you are found under the influence you will be asked to leave immediately.
As a volunteer I commit to *
a) Attending the selected periods as I have stated above b) Contributing with working meditation 5hrs/day, 6 days a week. c) Attending the morning meetings and all sharings. d) Supporting the flow of my working group by respecting agreements made regarding times and work tasks. e) If I need to change my agreements I will personally inform and plan this with the volunteer coordinator and my group coordinator
I honour and commit to the 12 guidelines for Living and Working at Ängsbacka. *
As a volunteer, I understand *
that the work may at times be physically and mentally demanding. It may include heavy lifting and carrying. I have no health or mental problems, or other disabilities which will prevent me from joining as a volunteer. I understand that I am taking part in an intense social event and living closely together with many other people - having limited personal time and space.
I understand that if I cancel my registration to the event later than two weeks before the start of the camp, I will not receive a refund. *
If a doctor can confirm your inability to attend the camp, you will receive a full refund minus a 700 SEK administration fee.
Please sign with your full name *
Your answer
What happens next?
1) The volunteer coordinators will process your application as soon as possible.

2) Practice breathing and patience. It may take up to 14 days to receive a response from us. If you have not heard back from us within 14 days - first check you SPAM folder - and then send us an e-mail to volunteer@angsbacka.se

3) You will receive an e-mail that confirms your spot in the festival camp(s). You may at this point feel the urge to do a celebratory dance! After this you proceed to the payment of the event(s). We encourage you to pay the full fee as soon as possible to ensure your spot. The payment link will be in the e-mail.
NOTE: If we have not received your full payment three weeks prior to the event we can no longer guarantee you a spot.

4) If you for some reason can no longer come to the festival camp, let us know as soon as possible! This helps us enormously in the planning.
Click the submit button to send your application!
Thank you for filling in this form and answering our questions to the best of your ability! Please join volunteer @ angsbacka on Facebook for the latest updates and announcements.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

In loving service,

Ängsbacka Volunteer Crew
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