How Do You Perceive Animals?
Sentience means the ability to perceive, have emotions, and experience subjectivity.
Animals, as referenced in this survey, include all land animals, fowl,
aquatic animals, fish, or any sentient beings used in animal industries.
Do you agree that animals should not become property, as something to be owned for the utility of their bodies and/or bodily functions?
Does proof of sentience entitle animals to basic rights, such as the right to live freely and free from human harm?
Do you agree that it is not justifiable to state that one’s place in the world, in society, can ethically benefit from the oppression of others?
Can animals feel emotions such as love, pain, joy, and fear?
Can animals engage in social interactions with each other?
Do you believe that animals have the right to live their natural life span?
Do you agree that it is unethical to create a sentient life, a baby, then slaughter the baby because they provide no profit?
Do you agree that it is not ethical to consider animals as commodities because they lose their freedom and are ultimately put into harm’s way?
Should animals be granted legal rights to protect them from human harm?
Would you be willing to consider moving towards a plant-based diet?
Did you know that all major health and nutrition organizations support the benefits of a plant-based diet?
Visit the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine at and visit
Did you know that animal agriculture is responsible for over half of all environmental destruction?
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