Worship Registration Form 崇拜報名表
* Please fill in this form if you are planning to attend in-person worship. The maximum allowable headcount, 72, is reached. If there are more registrations, we arrange taking turns to join in-person worship. Further details will be announced depending on the registration.
* 假如閣下計劃能參與實體崇拜,請填寫並提交報名表。現已報名人數已達72人,如報名人數不斷增加,我們將採取輪流安排。詳情將按報名情況公報。

* Please note that once you have registered, we understand it as your intention to start coming every week from the date on the form.
* 如閣下報名參與實體崇拜,我們理解為由本表格所提交之日期後每週出席。

* If you have not yet registered, but you wish to register for the in-person worship on the coming Sunday, the deadline to do so is Wednesday 10pm.
* 如閣下還未報名,而計劃報名參加下主日實體崇拜,截止日期為星期三晚上十時。

* Before you fill in and submit this Form, please review and make sure you are familiar with the church reopening guideline (http://www.carmellogos.org/guideline-english.pdf)
* 在填寫並提交表格前,請細閱並熟悉教會重開指引 (http://www.carmellogos.org/guideline-chinese.pdf)
Attention: Please follow the sequence to enter Last name and First name. This sequence helps us to sort name list. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 留意:請跟從姓名填寫次序。這次序幫助我們排列名單,多謝合作!
Last name, First name 姓名 *
Date start attending 開始參加日期 *
Number of People including yourself 包括你在內的總人數 *
Contact Phone Number 聯絡電話號碼 e.g. (416) 123-4567 *
Special Need 特別需要
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