Town of Newfield 2019 Community Survey
The community of Newfield and its Planning Board are in the process of updating the (1981) Town of Newfield’s Comprehensive Plan. During this process, town goals, strategies and policies are being developed. These goals will guide the direction of planning and decision making for the future needs of our town for the next decade or two. Input from the residents and property owners in Newfield will provide much needed information about the desires of our community members regarding how the town that they live in will meet their future needs. This survey is one method to gain some of the needed information. There have been several public input meetings held in the past few months. Public participation at planning board, select board, town finance committee and school committee meetings are some other ways to share information about our community’s desired vision for the way of life that will affect our day to day living. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Results of this survey and proposed goals and policies will be shared in the annual town report in March 2020. Thank you for your time.

Please complete survey by Oct. 1, 2019
Should the town make it a priority to keep taxes low or improve services?
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Should support for individuals in need of financial assistance who don't qualify for State assistance be increased?
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Would you like to see housing growth in the Town of Newfield?
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