Skuuddle User Testing Survey
This information should be filled out prior to using the Skuuddle app
Email address
Demographics Information
What is your gender?
How old are you?
What is your household income?
What is your nationality?
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Do you ever use any social media sites?
If so, please specify which ones
Your answer
Do you ever use events planning apps?
If so, please specify which ones
Your answer
Do you like to socialize with friends?
Do you usually host events yourself?
Would you use an app to help you socialize?
If you had the perfect app to help you socialize what would it look like?
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Have you used any of the following apps? Check all that apply
App-Specific Questions
These questions should be answered after using the Skuuddle app
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The application was easy to navigate
The app's features were easy to understand
I would use this app again
I would recommend this app to a griend
I am excited to use this app in the future
Which feature did you like the most?
Your answer
Which feature did you find was hardest to understand?
Your answer
If you had to give this app a grade, 1 being exemplary and 5 was failing, what grade would you give it?
Why did you give it this grade?
Your answer
Rate the following as True or False
The Skuuddle website is attractive
The Skuuddle app is attractive
The app's graphics are attractive
The colors used throughout the app are attractive
It is easy to navigate throughout the app
I can explore the app easily
I fully understand the features of the apps
The information was easy to read
The app's content is useful to me
The app has a clear purpose
The app is well-suited to first-time visitors
The app was fun to use
This app is exciting and will make me be more social
The app has characteristics that make it especially appealing
If the app had more content, I would like it more
If all my friends used the Skuuddle app, I would too
It is clear how screen elements (pop-ups, scrolling lists, menus) work
The app features were easy to understand
There are unique elements of the app like AI bots used for invitations
The app was clearly designed with me as a user in mind
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