YA Dystopia Book Survey 2018
As a YA author, readers' opinions matter to me. As much as I write the stories I want to read, I also want to ensure they are stories that you, the reader wants to read too.

I'm currently writing a dystopian YA novel, and as I've never tackled this genre before, I want to ask readers, like yourself, a few questions about the genre and what you like to read.

I am not seeking any personal data here, just your opinions, so please answer all the questions as honestly as you can.

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.

Nicky Peacock

What was the last YA dystopian book you read? *
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Do you prefer the threat to the protagonist to be *
What aspects do you like most when readying a dystopian YA book? *
What sort of protagonist do you like to read about? *
What Point of View do you like to read from? *
How important is the protagonist's best friend? *
Do you prefer happy endings in YA Dystopia? *
Do you prefer to read a YA Dystopia that's part of a series? *
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