Hometown Action + Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network Community Survey
Please take a few minutes to tell us about your community and local food systems
How do you characterize the area where you live? *
Approximately what percentage of your overall monthly household budget is spent on food? *
Do you buy food from local producers? (check all that apply) *
How often do you purchase your food from local producers? *
Do you want to buy more of your food from local farmers? If so, what are the limitations? (check all that apply) *
Do you buy sustainably grown/harvested/processed food or products? *
Why (or why not) do you purchase sustainable food and food products? Please list up to three reasons, in order of priority. *
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Are there local programs in your community to support food producers? Please list and provide a brief description. *
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Do you support the elimination of Alabama's sales tax on groceries? *
Why do we still have a grocery tax? (AL.com video)
Does your household receive food assistance? (SNAP, WIC, Senior vouchers, school lunch, etc.) *
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