Capital Creative Showcase: Call For Submissions!
Capital Creative Showcase is going virtual this year! As always, this event is about showcasing the talented creatives in the greater Sacramento region, and we're calling on our community to submit your game trailers, sign up for interviews, or apply to host your own microtalk for this year's show! Submitted games may still be in development, but your submission must meet our minimum requirements!

Sacramento Developer Collective is dedicated to cultivating and maintaining an inclusive, safe, respectful, and positive game development community comprising all disciplines. We welcome everyone including people who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color), disabled, cis women, non-binary, trans men, trans women, gender-questioning, or otherwise marginalized.

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September 12th


Your trailer should showcase your game and build excitement! Can include links to download or to external media for your game (teams can host a playthrough stream or Q&A after the Showcase stream if they wish)
Check out this video for more guidance on making your trailer:

GPU The Show will primarily host interviews, but other options may include SDC Board Directors as well as recording your own interview. Interviews will have developers talking about their game. while sharing insight into their process and development challenges. To learn more about GPU the Show, check out their Twitter:

- Submit your topic first, we will work with you to format your presentation if it gets accepted!
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- Never heard of a microtalk? Watch This ->

Segment Standards
- If you can be in chat during the live stream, you should answer questions from your viewers! :)
- If you are doing an interview, you must be able to show your game (in progress games are also accepted!)
- If you are submitting a trailer, you don't have to do an interview.
- Your trailer doesn't have to be AAA quality but should be as good as you can make it
- ANYONE can do a microtalk, even if you're already doing a trailer or interview!

If you have any questions, please let us know in our Discord!
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