LSA Lute Rental Program Application
There has been a dramatic increase in interest in lute rentals since the beginning of the pandemic, and we anticipate that once we've processed our current backlog of applications, there will be a shortage of Renaissance lutes, in addition to the current waitlists for theorbos and 13-course Baroque lutes. If you would like to rent an instrument, or join a waitlist for one, please fill out this form, and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible about availability! Please check the LSA website for any necessary updates. Thank you for your patience! We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and we look forward to helping you soon!

COVID-19 Update: We are doing our best to continue operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but our ability to ship instruments at this time is limited. As a result, wait times are longer than usual, and instrument availability is limited. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time!
Instrument Type *
Our Lute Rental Program currently has the following types of instruments in the rental pool. Please indicate the type of instrument you would like to rent. If there is a specific instrument you are interested in, put its number in the "Other" blank at the end. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability of the instrument you choose, but we will do our best to provide one of comparable quality.
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You must be a member in good standing to rent an instrument from the Lute Society of America.
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Our policy is that renters will have a teacher. This is not only to increase the renter's enjoyment and progress as a player. The teacher can also keep an eye on the instrument and advise you as to upkeep and stringing should either be necessary.
If you already have a teacher, please write their name.
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The Rental Agreement for you to sign will be sent to you by email. Once both the signed Agreement and the Security Deposit have been received, we will ship the instrument to you. Please remember that renters are required to carry insurance for the entire duration of the rental.
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