2019 Mt. Airy Village Fair Booth Application
The Mt. Airy Village Fair (MAVF) is a day-long fair for the neighborhood, by the neighborhood. We are unique in our REQUIREMENT for an INTERACTIVE component at ALL booths.

This year's Fair is on Sunday, September 08, 2019, from 11am until 4pm. The theme for this year's fair is "Once Upon a Time". Boothies are encouraged to try to do things that match your interpretation of this theme. Booth spaces are ~10’ x 10’. Bigger spaces can be provided upon request. We can't provide electricity or water sources for your booth. This is a “carry-in-carry- out” event. Please bring your own tables, chairs, tents, and recycling receptacles. The Fair takes place RAIN or SHINE; we STRONGLY recommend bringing a tent for BOTH rain and sun protection.

As was the case last year, the boothie selection process will be competitive and juried. Applicants will be selected based on the strength of the interactive element their booth will offer to fair-goers.

If you would like to apply for a booth space, please submit the application below, along with your non-refundable Boothie fee of $10 (submit your fee, here: https://mavf2019.eventbrite.com). The Boothie Committee will review each application and make its selection based on your INTERACTIVE element (see more, below). Additional priority will be given to area residents and LOCAL businesses, organizations, or groups. Please submit your application and fee by MONDAY JULY 29, 2019. We will respond to all applicants by August 1.

Please contact steph.elson@gmail.com with questions, or you may contact us via the Contact page on our website.
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The MAVF is a ZERO WASTE event. This means that booths MAY NOT generate solid waste and MAY NOT cause customers to generate solid waste. NO GARBAGE. All booths MUST provide only use reusable, recyclable, and/or compostable materials. Questions? Concerns? We are here to help! Let us know if we can answer any questions or assist you in this effort.
All Boothies MUST include an interactive component in their Fair offering. It can be a FREE activity, OR you may charge a reasonable fee. It can be related to your primary purpose, or just something fun to contribute to the fair. That’s up to you. Activities at your booth should ENGAGE fair-goers, and be part of the FAIR and the FUN!
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The Fair is aiming for a zero waste event. Do you need help with reducing waste created at your booth?
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Need Help With the Interactive Component Requirement?
Check out www.mtairyvillage.com for inspiration from previous Fairs. Ask Mr. Google or search on Pinterest for up-cycled crafts. The possibilities are ENDLESS! Still befuddled? Contact us! We can work together on ideas for a GREAT activity to fit in with your booth.
By submitting this application, applicant does hereby forever discharge, release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Mt. Airy Village, Mt. Airy Village Fair, and its agents and volunteers from and against any and all loss, liability, damage, cost, or expense, including attorneys’ fees and costs of litigation, caused by or arising from applicant’s participation in the Fair, unless such loss, liability, damage, cost, or expense is solely attributable to the action or omission of the entities named herein.
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