Sidekicker Account Appeal
If your account has been deactivated, we will further investigate if there were extenuating circumstances which may have affected your ability to attend your shift.

This does not guarantee reactivation. We strictly enforce our Performance policies and it is your responsibility as a Sidekick to be aware of these and ensure you are following them.

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Reason for Deactivation:
Reason For Appeal
Your appeal will only be considered if Sidekicker finds there were extenuating circumstances which affected your ability to:

(a) communicate with Sidekicker about a performance issue, or
(b) understand our Performance policies.

A performance issue is defined as:

- A withdrawal
- A no show (failure to show up to a scheduled shift without notifying Sidekicker)
- A rating on the platform below 3 stars
- Negative client feedback
- A breach of our OHS, social media, bullying & harassment, code of conduct, or other performance policies

Was there an issue with the Sidekicker platform which impacted your ability to tell us about your performance issue?
Please tick which of the following you've previously read or been aware of:
Policy Quiz
What is our recommended way to withdraw from a shift?
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Why is it important not to withdraw from too many shifts?
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When should you withdraw from a shift?
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How does an at fault withdrawal from a shift affect your reliability score?
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What situations may affect your performance rating on Sidekicker?
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Which of these behaviours are unacceptable and could lead to immediate action against your account?
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What is my relationship with Sidekicker?
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What is the correct way to interact with Sidekicker Support?
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Which of the following will get my account immediately deactivated?
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Grounds for appeal:
Please complete the questions below outlining the grounds of your appeal.

If relevant, you may also email any relevant documentation such as a letter or certificate from a doctor or counsellor to with the subject "ACCOUNT APPEAL"

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How have you, or do you, intend to rectify these issues so that your account will not be affected in future? *
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