Arabic Language Course & Arabic Film Club
Arabic Language and Film Club - Spring 2021

Algarabía Language Co-op is offering new Arabic courses at The People’s Forum to those who are interested in topics of social justice, cinema, media, and culture. Through weekly social justice themes, and using a communicative and popular education approach, participants will improve their Arabic skills, and critically engage with various Arabic cultural productions, including films, TV series, newsreels, and short stories. These courses are designed for folks at different levels of fluency in their productive (speaking, writing) and receptive (listening and reading) skills. Special focus will be given to learning vocabulary and community organizing terminology relevant to contemporary social movements in the U.S. and the Arab world.
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Selected participants will be contacted by the instructor on a rolling basis and up until a week before class starts. Late applications will be considered if spots are available. If you have any questions, you can write to us at

Arabic Language • Spring 2021 COURSES

A1.1: True Beginner - Arabic Language Course
Mondays, February 22nd - May 31st - 6:00-9:00pm EST (45 hrs./15min. break)
Cost of class $300-$400 sliding scale. This includes all course materials.

A1.2: High Beginner - Arabic Language Course
Wednesdays, February 24th - June 2nd - 6:00-9:00 pm EST (45 hrs./15min. break)
Cost of class $300-$400 sliding scale. This includes all course materials.

A1.3: Conversational Beginner - Arabic Language Course & Culture Club
Sundays, February 21st - April 25th - 3:00-6:00pm EST
Cost of class $200-$300 sliding scale. This includes all course materials.

A2.3: Conversational Intermediate - Arabic Film Club
Mondays, February 22nd - May 31st - 12:00-2:00pm EST
Cost of class $200-$300 sliding scale. This includes all course materials.

Conversational Arabic Film Club for Heritage Speakers
Sundays, February 21st - May 30th - 12:00-2:00pm EST
Suggested Donation $150-$200 sliding scale. This includes all course materials.

NOTE: This program prioritizes working class, queer, BIPOC, and heritage speakers of Arabic. As part of Algarabía's mission to make our courses accessible, we have sliding-scale rate options and payment plans available. Once you complete the application and are selected, you will be allowed to apply to these discounted rates individually.

At Algarabía Language Co-op, we see language learning as a meaningful, collaborative and transformative process reflected in our training in hands-on communicative and task-based language teaching approaches and our use of popular education in the language classroom. We seek to support the holistic development of all language learners as they become competent multilingual speakers. We devise classroom activities and use textbooks and other original didactic materials that meet our participants’ needs and that represent the linguistic and racial/ethnic diversity of the Spanish- and Arabic-speaking worlds.
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