SW Care Home Network Awards Nomination Form
Nominate a Care Home, a Carer, a team, or a collaborative to show your appreciation and reward them for their achievements around improving the Safety Culture or Health & Wellbeing of staff and residents in Care Homes.

Each nomination will be asked to submit a 1-2 minute video of themselves (or a selection of photos of your nominees).

It can be recorded on a smartphone or ipad (and doesn't have to be professionally done - in fact we prefer it to be a quick recording like you would do on social media)

We are looking for either a video with a story/case study or even an elevator pitch reading out the text you have submitted in this form and a bit more if there's time (audio or video) to show at our Network event if you are a finalist.

It's an opportunity for you to submit a short video or some photos of your nominated care home/staff. If you can provide us with an audio file of your nomination text in your own voice we can edit the photo/videos to include your voice over the top.

Please provide a link to any youtube /vimeo or websites to support your application and email video clips to carehomes@swahsn.com.

If you are unable to provide a video or photos, don't worry you can still nominate - if you are shortlisted as a finalists we will notify you in advance of the event and you will have the chance to deliver a live 1 minute elevator pitch at the Network Event on camera instead.

NB: We are happy to help you with this section of the nomination should you be shortlisted based upon your 250 words in your nomination.
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The Care Home Safety Culture Award
In recognition of a Care Home individual or team, that have created a Safety Culture through Managing Deterioration or Medicine Safety from Sept 6th 2020- Sept 5th 2021

Closing date for nominations: Tuesday 31st August 2021 at 12noon
Award presentation: Care Home Network - Tuesday 14th September 2021 13.00-15.00

Examples might include:
Improving safety for all, reducing fear, managing risks, making a psychological safe space for staff and families, developing a safety champion, providing peer-to-peer support, developing team work across the Care Home, protecting each other, effective infection control procedures, end of life compassion, leading by example, keeping spirits high, developing new activities for residents to stay happy and engaged in the care home.
2. The Care Home Health & Wellbeing Award

In recognition of a Care Home, individual or team that have made an impact in managing and improving health and wellbeing from Sept 6th 2020- Sept 5th 2021

Examples may include:
Setting up health and well being sessions, going the extra mile to support each other, Making a significant difference to the health and wellbeing of the residents, families, staff and/or others throughout the Pandemic and beyond. Raising awareness of improving the health and wellbeing, providing mental health support, physical activity interventions or challenges.
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