ICCF Tournament Entry System
ICCF released a new system for entering tournaments in 2017; players now enter all tournaments through the ICCF website. We are interested in whether or not players find this process useful or helpful and how we might improve the system.

Please note that we are only interested in ICCF or Zonal tournaments which you enter through the "New Events" page on the ICCF website; for the purposes of this survey we are not interested in national events, or in events which don't require your registration.
Which member federation do you belong to? *
How many ICCF or Zonal tournaments have you entered through the "New Events" page in the past 12 months? *
If none, did you wish to enter a tournament, but were unable to for some reason? *
If yes, what was the issue which was preventing you from entering a new tournament?
How do you prefer to enter ICCF or Zonal tournaments? *
Are you satisfied with your experience of paying for and entering ICCF tournaments? *
If you have any comments to make, or any improvements to suggest, please do so here.
Many thanks for your participation
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