Fall 2020 Course Exceptions for In-Person & Hybrid Delivery (Form #2)
Please submit as soon as possible and no later than Tuesday, August 11th, 2020.

student learning outcomes cannot be 
easily met remotely, courses can be taught
 either in-person or in a hybrid mode 
provided they comply with Phase B protective measures and university safety requirements. Please submit separate forms for each course.
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Format: WRTG F111X F01. Submit one form for each course.
In order to teach my course face-to-face, I prefer the following to protect myself and my students: *
If you have requested a shield, you will be able to pick it up at the facilities service information desk on weekdays from 8/12-8/21 from 8am-4:30pm. This desk is located at 803 Alumni Drive. Please note that if we run out of your preferred face covering, you may receive an alternate type.
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Statement of Agreement: I attest that my course must be delivered entirely or partially in-person in order to easily meet student learning outcomes. *
*I understand that if in the course of the semester it becomes necessary to change this course to fully online/distance, I will do so. If it is necessary for the university to switch to distance-only mode, and it is not possible at that time to make that change, I will work with my dean/director to find an alternate solution, which could involve course cancellation.
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