MyVMK Best Multi-Room Submission
Multi-Room submissions are now allowed under this new category - Best Guest Multi-Room! The rules:

1. You can choose to submit as an individual or with a group of up to 4 people. If you choose to submit as a group, you must list ALL of the members of your group’s names in the submission form. Only members on the form will receive prizes if chosen as the winner.

2. Minimum 3 rooms for entries of 1-3 users and minimum 4 rooms for groups of 4. Each player on a team must contribute at least one room. This means, the player must have built one room (helping is fine of course!) and the room must belong to that user.

3. Best Guest Multi-room submissions will be judged every three months to give appropriate time. Submissions will be open for the entire time between winners chosen.

4. Submissions must be a coherent series of rooms containing either a ride or a game. We want you to be creative and tell a story. We will be judging based on creativity and originality of theme and building techniques.

5. You may not use rooms that were submitted in a prior competition (regardless of having placed or not) or have won Best Guest/Game room previously. You may never use an anniversary room as a BGR submission.

6. As a reminder, this falls under a category of BGR and as such those rules apply to this as well (aside from, of course, the no multiple rooms rule because… that is the point of this category).

The general BGR guidelines that also apply:

1. You cannot win the same category more than once within a 6-month period. We believe that this will allow more players to have a chance at winning the categories, and will prevent anyone from feeling discouraged. That being said, clone checks will be put in place.

2. Rooms do not need to be cohesive with the month’s theme, but rooms that fit the current month’s theme are always welcomed! It never hurts to follow the theme, but it doesn’t harm you to not follow the theme either! It’s all about creativity!

3. Please try to have your room open as many times as possible during the month. Everyone loves a good player-made game/ride!

4. You can submit the same room each month, however we personally don’t suggest doing so. Here’s why: we love seeing creativity and how you all incorporate new months’ releases into your rooms! Seeing the same submission each month can get tiresome. Spice it up!

5. You can absolutely submit a room for each category! If you want to submit one room for Best Game Room and one room for Best Guest Room, and a room series for Best Multi-Room, have at it! Just remember that you can only win one time, per category, per 6 months.

6. Please remember that BGR Submissions are due on the 28th of March, June, September, and December. If your submission is received after 11:59pm EST on the 29th of the month, it will be put into voting for the next month.

PLEASE NOTE: You can edit your submission after completion, so please try to refrain from multiple submissions for the same category. If you do submit multiple times for the same category, only the most recent submission will count.

If you have any additional questions, please see this link on the MyVMK Forums:
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