2021 Spartan Trail World Championship Elite Application Form
The 2021 Spartan Trail World Championship includes an Elite division. To view Standards for Elite qualification, please check the STWC FAQ Here: https://sprtn.ar/stwcfaq

Please complete this application to apply. Only those accepted into the Elite Race at each event will be eligible to compete for prize money and the STWC Elite Leaderboard points.
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Note: You can compete in every race of the STWC, but the best four results will count and you need at least two races to score on the Leaderboard. You can read all the rules & find out all the details from the races here: https://sprtn.ar/stwcfaq
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To qualify as an Elite Athlete, you must match one of the three standards. You can read the Standards rules and conditions here: https://sprtn.ar/stwcfaq
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Use this link to find your profile: https://itra.run/find-a-runner
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