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Welcome :-)
We are thrilled you'd like to join our rapidly expanding group. Please read this carefully ...

I am Antonia Beauvoisin Brown mum to two teenagers, local business owner , lemon and ginger drinker and  the founder of Côte d'Azur Living established in 2010.

This group has grown to a good size over the years and provides essential information for us all.  All work by the admin team is done on a volunteer basis and we strive to make it a thriving supportive community.  

Our aim is to have a kind interactive group needing the minimum of admin intervention :-)

This isn't rocket science ..  We ask all members up front to be respectful to our host nation, to others in the group and to scroll on by if a post isn't for them.
As a community group there may be things that would fit better on your own page and not in my group.
Please be mindful of that and avoid hot political posts eg Brexit and Covid etc.
Those that cannot play nicely,  will just be removed as this just isn't the right fit.

Please flag to admin (using the 3 little dots) any inappropriate content which we deal with as quickly as we can.

We do what we can to support community and run initiatives to help however this isn't the yellow pages either.
Please see below if you also want to register your business or activity for any advertising.  
We are quite strict on that so please read carefully.
 In the UNITS within the group, you will find links to places where you can advertise freely. It's just not in this group.

OK that's all the upfront info .. please now go ahead and register and then you can get posting.

Many thanks
Antonia BB

PS In my day job ... I am also  host of the Riviera Firefly Podcast where you can find great local info and manage 3 language centres and daycare for kids  .. feel free to have a look and follow us online too :-)
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It would help Antonia if she can share every now and again the latest on what she is up to, podcast links to local business leader interviews, a don't miss event that kind of thing . It is supposed to be monthly but in reality this is sent out every 2-3months  and just helps her get some business visibility. You can unsubscribe from it at any time.
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