ROBOTICON Dance Break & Parody Video Submissions
One of our favorite parts of ROBOTICON - and we think yours, too - is the dance breaks. It just wouldn't be ROBOTICON without a dance break, and ROBOTICON 2020, while virtual, will be no exception to the dance party rule! To join in the ROBOTICON 2020 Dance Party, all you need to do is send us a video of your team members dancing to either Cotton Eyed Joe or Cha Cha Slide (or both, if you're feeling ambitious). Extra points for pandemic era creativeness - dance together on zoom, masked, or safely distanced 6 feet apart - but just dance!

We'd also love to see your parody videos! Put a ROBOTICON spin on your favorite tunes, make it fun and keep it clean and we'll run as many as we can during the two weeks of ROBOTICON Nov. 6-21.

Post your videos to YouTube - either privately or as unlisted - and send us the link in your submission.
Your videos must be submitted by November 4.
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