2023-2024 Professional Development Program Opportunities
Thank you so much for your interest in working alongside our team in supporting our MV3 scholars for the 2023-2024 MV3 Scholars program. 

The MV3 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that invests in the personal and professional development of Black undergraduate students pursuing careers in health and/or biomedical science. At the Foundation, our team of students and professionals support our scholars’ academic and professional growth through a dynamic and predominantly virtual mentorship model involving 2 major programs, one of which is a group-based professional development program with career discernment activities, personal growth sessions, and networking opportunities. 

Outside of direct mentorship, there are many opportunities for healthcare and/or biomedical science professionals of any race/ethnicity to become involved! Please select all options that you are interested in. Thank you!

Note: Selecting an option does not mean that you will be contacted as soon as you submit the form. We might reach out in the future, should an opportunity present itself. In all cases, during year 1, a representative from the Foundation will be the conduit between our MV3 Scholars and the Professional Network. 
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Would you be interested in directly mentoring MV3 scholars in through our Professional Development Curriculum? Mentors are Black-identifying health and/or biomedical science professionals who spend 1 hour a month leading a small group of MV3 scholars through a pre-made MV3 curriculum. *
Would you be open to delivering a 30min-1hr webinar presentation on a topic you are passionate about, that MV3 scholars might benefit from? *
If you selected "Yes" above, please either list the proposed topic of your presentation or describe what you might like to talk about. The Foundation will reach out with more details re: logistics and scheduling options. 
Would you be open to serving on a Panel, should the Foundation seek your perspective on a particular topic for our Scholars?  *
Would you be open to having a phone and/or Zoom conversation with an MV3 Scholar, should an appropriate opportunity present itself (ex: a Junior scholar interested in healthcare policy hopes to meet with someone doing work in that space, and you do this)? *
Would you be willing to sponsor an MV3 Scholar who has a clearly defined, limited sponsorship request? *
Would you be willing to donate to the MV3 Scholars Fund? 
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