Aberdeen Wings Goalie Interest Questionnaire
Please answer the following questions as completely and honestly as possible. This is not a test. It is only us learning more about you & who you are.
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Which word might best describe you?
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Who is your hero? Who do you admire? And why?
Scenario: You can't play hockey anymore. What are you going to do with the rest of your life?
What are your greatest strengths? (not goalie related)
What are your greatest weaknesses? (not goalie related)
What are your greatest strengths? (on-ice, as a goalie)
What are your greatest weaknesses? (on-ice, as a goalie)
Which group of words describes you most?
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Scenario: you have a group project at school. Do you...
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Trust is a huge part of being a core part of our team. Describe a scenario or time that someone displayed their trust in you.
Explain your process for overcoming challenges...
What qualities would make a good team captain or leader and why?
Would you describe yourself as...
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Who do you go to for advice? Why? Explain or elaborate, please.
Explain what you consider to be the most important elements for a goaltender to be successful...
If you could play like anyone, who would it be and why?
How many game minutes has your team played this year? (enter a number only)
How many game minutes have YOU played this year? (enter a number only)
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