CHPA - 2019-2020 Officer Nominations - 10 Regional Community Councils
Thank you for being a member of the California Homeschool Parent Association! We are currently seeking parents to fill the officer positions for each of our 10 Regional Community Councils. The RCC's are located in San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern, Central Coast, Central/Fresno, and Northern California.

Meetings for the Regional Community Councils will be at least once per month and may be in person or virtual depending on what each group decides.

If you are interested or would like to nominate someone you think would be a great candidate, please complete the form below. You may nominate yourself or someone you know and you may also nominate more than one person.

The following week we will have elections for officer positions from those candidates who had the highest number of nominations for each Regional Community Council. As a member you will be able to vote for the officers from the region you reside in. The elected officers will then meet and decide which positions each officer will hold from the following:

President - Serves as leader of their Regional Community Council. Supervises and supports regional activities and events. Presides and participates in all regional meetings. Coordinates and advises regional committees. Monthly report to Executive Board President. Co-signer.

Vice-President - Acts as aid to the President and performs the Presidents duties in the absence or inability of the President. Performs other delegated duties as assigned. Acts as coordinator of volunteers and regional committees. Co-signer.

Treasurer - Responsible for funds of their RCC. Establishes budget and keeps records, pays bills, and maintains books. Creates monthly statement and annual reports. Reports account balance at membership or monthly regional meetings. Monthly report to Executive Board Treasurer. Co-signer. Performs delegated duties as assigned.

Secretary - Records/distributes RCC meeting minutes, maintains documents and records, answers emails and updates regional portion of CHPA website, monthly update/report. Creates and posts regional agenda. Monthly report to Executive Board Secretary. Conducts delegated correspondence and performs other assigned duties.

Regional Committee Chair - Oversees local regional committees, reports monthly progress on plans and issues, helps with committees when needed. Monthly report to Executive Board Committee Chair. Performs other assigned duties.

The RCC's will also choose one officer to serve on the Main Executive Board so that each RCC is represented. That officer will report to the Executive Board how their region is doing and if they need support in any area. They will attend the monthly Executive Board meetings as well which are virtual.

Please contact Shannon Carpenter at with any questions you might have.
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